Real Vs False Claims?

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Real Vs False Claims?


Genuine Versus False Claims

(subtitled: The Mouse Trap Fallacy)

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News has been quoted as saying: "Find what you are good at and make money doing it."

That I have discovered is simply NOT true. I am sitting on a discovery that can affect for good the sound quality of every digital audio device out there, from computer to TV's, from Hi-Fi to to iPad and Android tablets and cell phones - anything that converts digital sounds to analog sounds - and I have been labeled both a genius and a fool dealing in snake oil. I have even published it openly rather than patent it - because I believe in the greater good just like the Jonas Salk - and I am not his equal - he gave away his vaccine free because he considered it for the greater good. Also, asking for money and your motives are questioned, so I made it easy and still it gets ignored.

For the slightly more technically minded - the above is based on this, that digital audio playback requires both digital and analog filtering, hence a two-step path, both avoid using filtering that is 'in band' and I have shown using blind tests that one of a total of four stages of filtering are required, one must be 'in band' and the fourth step will EQ that 'in band' filter out, a final correction step. Once this is understood, then digital playback will be changed forever audibly superior.

Have any idea how hard that is to get this out there?

There used to be a time when they said, invent a better mouse trap and the world will come knocking on your door - DON'T BELIEVE IT.

And if you knock on their door and even offer it freely then you are are just another crazy cookie.

There is so much rubbish peddled out there that when the real stuff comes around - it gets buried.

I have read several audio journalists and editors having said in recent times, that all that is really important re audio playback, has already been discovered and hence there is nothing new under the sun. If this statement proves to be true, then we have a sorry state of affairs - new discoveries will be easily suppressed and ignored.

It has also become a blood-sport to debunk anything genuinely new. This of course elevates the ego of the one doing the debunking and the hard and laborious work that brings fruit in the collective advancement of the art, we have the lazy winning over the productive, the nasty over meekness, as the latter has to be willing to submit themselves to become victims of the establishment and its intractable conservatism.

Take for example this story:

If I was to tell you that adding water to oil would increase the efficiency of its use as a fuel, would you believe me? Because it seems so at odds with everyday experience, it seems not just implausible, indeed laughable. Yet that technology is for real.

It is the fundamental principle behind a new motor called GEET Technology and now receiving world-wide attention, even though the man behind GEET was badly mistreated in the beginning.

How does it work? It can be explained rationally, the expansion rate of water turning into gas is greater than that of any carbon based fuel. When we combine the two under the right conditions, you can use a majority of water and a relatively smaller amount of oil or fuel. Indeed it work well with dirty fuels and actually much lower emissions.

Danger: You can prove it by using this simple but risky experiment.

Please read carefully as I don't want to be held responsible for what might happen if you did this experiment. All I can say is that I have done this experiment in controlled circumstances and the result was violent and highly dangerous.

Go to a science teacher before proceeding with this experiment:

Take a frying pan, take some oil - we happened to use olive oil - and put a film of oil over the surface of the pan. Now put it over a flame or cook-top and heat the pan up until you start seeing the oil producing smoke. It is clear we now have well heated oil in the pan. Now, and this is the dangerous bit - at a distance, squirt a small amount of water into the pan.

Trust me, the reaction will be very violent. In our case we had an explosive flame that went about several metres into the air.

What happened? By combining water and heated fuel - the greater expansion rate of water, greater than any carbon based fuel, plus the heated oil, triggered a sudden expansion, which further increased exposure to air (oxygen), causing a combustion of the mix of oil, water and oxygen. Yes, combustion, the very same thing that happens inside a car engine's cylinder. The water amplified the effect when at the right temperature combined with oil.

Probably not useful for cars yet, but for driving electricity generators (you can download instructions on how to convert electricity generators that can be bought from hardware stores), for irrigation pumps in Third World countries and more. Major savings in the cost and transporting of fuel.

The above example shows what may seem a crazy idea one day may in fact be the way things are done in the future. Imagine two hundred years ago you predicted there would be horseless carriages  today - that is where the name car came from - they might have locked you up.

BTW, originally the first American experimenter was arrested and abused. His name? Paul Pantone.

Paul Pantone was railroaded through a series of bizarre legal maneuvers by powerful and corrupt conspirators into a State Mental Hospital in Provo Utah where he resides today [was freed in 2009].   He's supposed to be incompetent for claiming that one can fuel a car with mostly water using his system and for not getting along with fired attorneys under Utah Code 77-15-5(4-5) who betrayed him.  Never mind the over 200 [now many thousands world-wide] GEET devices in the US currently running on mostly water.

Watch this video - an engine that runs on 80% water and 20% dirty oil straight out of the ocean fed by the BP Gulf disaster.

This technology is still in its infancy and there are practical solutions still sought - but the principles on which it works are now no longer in doubt.

History has a way of repeating itself and so does the history of prejudging.

And don't forget the story of two doctors, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, who were ostracised for many years because of their idea that peptic ulcers were bacterial infections. They were disbelieved by their own fraternity, yet they proved that these common ulcers could be treated with the right antibiotics. Eventually they prevailed and both were given the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

And it will happen again, trust me...

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