Real Vs False Claims?

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Real Vs False Claims?


Genuine Versus False Claims

(subtitled: The Mouse Trap Fallacy)

Have any idea how hard that is to get this out there?

There used to be a time when they said, invent a better mouse trap and the world will come knocking on your door - DON'T BELIEVE IT.

And if you knock on their door and even offer it freely then you are are just another crazy cookie.

There is so much rubbish peddled out there that when the real stuff comes around - it gets buried.

I have read several audio journalists and editors having said in recent times, that all that is really important re audio playback, has already been discovered and hence there is nothing new under the sun. If this statement proves to be true, then we have a sorry state of affairs - new discoveries will be easily suppressed and ignored.

It has also become a blood-sport to debunk anything genuinely new.

This of course elevates the ego of the one doing the debunking and the hard and laborious work that brings fruit in the collective advancement of the art, we have the lazy winning over the productive, the nasty over meekness, as the latter has to be willing to submit themselves to become victims of the establishment and its intractable conservatism.

History has a way of repeating itself and so does the history of prejudging.

And don't forget the story of two doctors, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, who were ostracised for many years because of their idea that peptic ulcers were bacterial infections. They were disbelieved by their own fraternity, yet they proved that these common ulcers could be treated with the right antibiotics. Eventually they prevailed and both were given the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

And it will happen again, trust me...

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Just had a terrible thought. If "intelligent design" is unscientific, then who will design our audio equipment?