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My Sound Room

  •   Elsinore Mk5 Loudspeakers, a DIY Project on this website.

  •   JLTi KT88 & JLTi EL34 Tube Integrated Amplifiers

  •   Tube Phono Preamp CAA FVP-5B

  •   Townshend Elite Rock II Turntable with Townshend Excalibur Arm

  •   Vacuum State SOA Cartridge

  •   RTP 'Canberra' RTP5, State of the Art Phono Preamp, all Balanced.

  • Oppo BDP-95 JLTi Level 2 Upgrade

  •   Sony SCD-555 CD/SACD Player with VSE upgrade Module, Level 7

  •   2 MonoBlock ILA (Isolated Loop Amp) Tube Power Amps

  •   Toshiba 40" High Definition 1080p Screen


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