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JLTi Review and Comment   

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JLTi Phono:

Hi Joe,

Trust you are well.

Val has loaned me your phono stage and it is indeed rather excellent, easily taking out the Benz Micro Lukaschek PP1.



JLTi Phono:

Phono Stage. In a word 'FANTASTIC'. Absolutely leaves CD for dead.


Image Developments, NZ

JLTi Phono:

"My continued listening has been most pleasurable... I find the JLTi [Phono] resolves an amazing amount of detail. It also captures an extended bass response and a large hall ambience. My favorite test for these last two characteristics is found on side two of "The Mission", a soundtrack recording. A concert bass drum is played on a couple of the tracks. With the JLTi, one hears not only the deep note of this very large drum, but the attack and decay as the mallet strikes the drum skin, then the sense of space from the recording studio as each note fades away are fully revealed...most tracks are interesting and fun to listen to."

Tim Price, California USA

JLTi Phono:

Hi Joe

The phono stage arrive today. I soldered on the *wall wart. Soldering is not my thing. I didn't burn the house down, but I came close. The unit works fine, despite my efforts to do it in.

I played about 3 hours of music thru it. My initial impressions are that it is very quiet, very smooth. It does not sound like solid state. It has lots of bass slam. Heavy metal is loads of fun.  Your unit has a wide soundstage, though not terribly deep. The major drawback is that the instruments and vocalists are not three dimensional. They are more two dimensional in a three dimensional soundstage. I know, if I want three dimensional instruments I have to pay more and use tubes, which is why I have my Herron tube phono stage. Now if you could put your bass slam and blackness into the Herron, then you would have a world contender.

It is a very good unit for the price. I am quite happy with it.

Best Regards,

Roger S. Gordon, USA

* The external wall wart needs to be 115V AC, widely available within the U.S. The connector was supplied and only two wires needed soldering.

Second view from Roger:

I lent the phono stage to a [colleague]. He preferred the JLTI to the Sutherland. Thought your unit sounds less like solid state and had a warmer, more expansive midrange than the Sutherland... My friend still prefers the Steelhead [US $7,300]. However, he thought your unit was a bargain at the price, particularly since he thought it better than the US $3,000 Sutherland.

Third view from Roger:

Buying the JLTI phono stage from you was the one of the best audio purchases I ever made.

JLTi Phono:

Iíve now had time to burn in the JLTi phono pre, and I like it a LOT. Very quiet, tonally right with a very musical presentation without being soft. Very low listener fatigue. Nice job!

Bill Thalmann, Music Technologies, formerly with Conrad-Johnson


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