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Useful Links, Sources & Articles

  • Article by Ingvar Ohman, Optimum Frequency Response Curves in the Bass Range

  • For Polyester Acoustic Bats in Sydney, Australia area  www.thewoolmen.com.au, see also:

  • Sydney Supplier: Bevan Buksin 0412-143495, Peakhurst NSW (Australia)

More recently being using this:

PolyMax Thermal & Acoustic Batts R.30


Made by PolyMax, 4 MacDonald Road, Ingleburn NSW 2565, Australia

Call or email them for your closest supplier: 02-9829-2299 & admin@martini.net.au

  • Article by Bohdan Raczynski, Loudspeaker Diffraction Distortion and Radiation Z

  • Article by John L. Murphy, Loudspeaker Diffraction Loss and Compensation


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Part Financial Sponsor & Prototype Box Construction, Bernard Chambers of Sutherland

Sounding Boards, Michael Lenehan of Lenehan Acoustics & Brad Serhan of Orpheus Loudspeakers


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