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Static Testing of the Elsinore Mk3 Crossover

April 2011 - Elsinore Mk5 - some details below are obsolete.

The easiest DIY measurement that can be made of a speaker is an impedance measurement. Using basic tools like graph paper, a signal generator (handhelds can now be bought cheaply), an amplifier and reference resistor, it can be done. If you know how do do this, then the following graph will indicate whether your wiring of the crossover is correct and also should show up any incorrect values used. But it is not a test for phase.

Look at the suggested by-wired Mk3 Crossover, it has three outputs, the Bass, the MidBass and the Tweeter. Put a 10 Ohm resistor across each output, no speakers or drivers.

It will be a good idea if the part of the crossover to the Tweeter is kept separate, as shown above, which is a good idea anyway for those who want to do by-wiring.

The Red trace is the impedance of the Crossover Tweeter's input. The Blue is the combined Bass and MidBass, the Black is when Red and Blue are paralleled as seen by the amplifier.

Note that this crossover has the recommended Conjugate Filter (which is optional). If you decide not to use it, then the test will not work as intended. So do yourself a favour and fit it.



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