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Upgrading to Mark 3



Cut two 25mm Panels as shown. I used a 76mm Hole Saw and a Plunge Router set to 4-5mm and carefully following a pencil line that made before the 76mm hole was cut. The dimensions of the Panels is slightly smaller than the Cavity dimensions where they are inserted. Note the four screw holes, these hold the Panel tight in place. Use glue to make sure of air tight seal. But if glue is used it is not reversible. I painted them gorgeous acrylic Mat Black.  :-)

Note the enlargement of the hole where the Tweeter terminals need it. Now cut and fit felt pieces as described on the Construction Page (at the bottom of that page).

Now increase (or adjust) Main Coupling Capacitor to the Tweeter to 4.5uF (3 x 1.5uF is what I used) or 4.7uF. No other changes to the Crossover is required.



Total Design Responsibility, Joe Rasmussen of Custom Analogue Audio & JLTi

Part Financial Sponsor & Prototype Box Construction, Bernard Chambers of Sutherland

Sounding Boards, Michael Lenehan of Lenehan Acoustics & Brad Serhan of Orpheus Loudspeakers



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Just had a terrible thought. If "intelligent design" is unscientific, then who will design our audio equipment?